Sunday, April 04, 2010

Flying practice

Judo doesn't teach you to fly, but you will learn to fall (safely).

A couple of weeks ago Lisa and Ash brought their digital SLRs to class and captured some nice action shots:

Up in the air

Seoi otoshi (4th shoulder throw): Sensei Dan, tori; Brenton, uke

Hane goshi (6th hip throw): Damian & Lizzie

Hane goshi (reverse angle):  John, tori; Ash, uke 

Remember to breakfall

The moment before landing

Lejoe's breakfall is a blur


Sue C said...

Great pictures Dan...and your mats look nice and soft!

FredInChina said...

wow, superb pics Dan.
What camera did you use for that?


Dan Prager said...

Sue: Thanks - we need soft mats so we can throw hard ... and not put off new members.

Fred: I'll have to ask Ash (who took the shots of me throwing Brenton) and Lisa, who took the rest.

Ash set the shutter speed to maximum and kept his finger down to get the mid-air action shot.

Littlefair said...

Nice to see nage practice. I'm currently working on building up to perform 'flying' nage. Shorinji kempo nage are slightly different in that a breakfall is not used in the way you show, rather 'landing' on the feet is encouraged.

Like this:

Although I'm finding that if you get the timing wrong you pound the heel bone. Painfully...!

Anonymous said...

@littlefair: a skilled opponent will not allow you to land on your feet, besides if you make even a slight mistake you'll likely break your ankle. I'd go with the flow, hopefully being quick enough to roll out of trouble without injury.