Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What are your (other) favorite martial arts blogs?

I list the martial blogs that I regularly read on the right sidebar.  Some of the ones I enjoyed have dried up and stopped, so I'm on the hunt for replacements, especially (but not only) "Japanese" Jiu-jitsu blogs.

What are your top recommendations?


Littlefair said...

I seem to overlap somewhat with your blogroll but I would recommend Iain Abernethy's blog here:

Partly because he's an affable guy open to good discussion around the martial arts but mostly because he's really *into* his training.

The downside for you, perhaps, is that he is karate focused. Having said that his bunkai looks deep into grappling and clinches. (See http://www.iainabernethy.com/books/chapter_karates_grappling_methods.asp)

Narda said...

These are the ones I enjoy and that are still active:












Sue C said...

We already overlap quite a lot with our blog rolls and most of the ones I visit that you don't are karate blogs! However you could try My Self-defence blog (http://myselfdefenseblog.com/). John Zimmer who writes this blog tends to look a lot at self defence in real situations, often analysing video clips of fights caught on camera. It makes a change from dojo based discussions on self defence. However he does have a karate background!

FredInChina said...

Interesting question Dan, I am also building a list of blogs; I am already a fan of SueC & I will follow Narda's list to see where it goes.

I am an active member of http://www.kyokushin4life.com/forums/
Not precisely your style, but a very active, respectful and welcoming community, eager to learn and grow richer with inputs from multiple sources and angles. You may like to check it out.

I very recently started my own blog at http://www.karatejourney.com/
At 46 I engaged on an around the world karate journey; I explain in more details why, how & where in my about page.
Should you chose to visit, please let me know by signing the guest book, I'd be honored.


Dan Prager said...

Thanks for all the suggestions folks - I've added several of your suggestions already.

Narda: Thanks for the list; I'll have a read and add the ones I like best.

Fred: Your journey sounds very cool. I hope you'll drop by when you make it to Australia.

FredInChina said...

Great, thank you for the invitation Dan, I will definitely drop by when I am in Melbourne.