Saturday, March 12, 2011

Great advice for beginners

Nev Sagiba, an aikido instructor, has written some excellent articles for Aikido Journal.  Here are two aimed at beginners, not just in aikido, but in any martial arts:
And here's one of those great stories that you hear from time to time -- or even end up in! -- when you study martial arts.

Ideas for theme classes

This year I plan to do a themed class roughly every four weeks.  That may be too frequent: we'll see how it goes.

Where a regular class follows a standard format, allowing for repetition and reinforcement of foundational skills, with a couple of blocks where the instructor goes into a bit more depth, a themed class goes more in depth more most of the class.

The approach I'm taking this year is a bit different from theme of the month, which I ran in 2009, in which the discretionary blocks for a whole month were on a unified theme, which also seeped into the rest of the class.

Here's a list off the top of my head:

  1. Kuzushi
  2. Leg throws
  3. Hip throws
  4. Hand throws
  5. Hidari class (everything left-handed)
  6. Throwing with movement
  7. Combination throws
  8. Counter throws
Restraint and Control
  1. Come-alongs
  2. Reflexive self-defence
  3. R&C throws
  4. Standard escapes
  1. Immobilizations
  2. Groundwork randori skills
  3. Arm locks and leg locks
  4. Strangles
  5. Combination locks: such a good title!
  1. Sacrifice throws
  2. Stick defences -- hmm: will need sticks
  3. Nage no Kata (kata of throws)
  4. Katame no Kata (groundwork)
  5. Gonosen no Kata (counters)
Requests and reactions welcome.