Friday, July 23, 2010

Self-defence technique meets 1920s chic

Fabulous clip of 7 stone (44.5 kg) Miss May Whitley giving a lightning introduction to the role of unbalancing  in jiu-jitsu  before throwing her good friend "the bandit" repeatedly onto a hard stage floor.  Be sure to watch with the sound turned up to enjoy her wonderful accent and his howls of pain:

Attacks and jiu-jitsu counters demonstrated:
  1. Handbag snatch: Arm-lock plus projection throw
  2. Rear choke: 1st shoulder throw (kata seoi)
  3. Straight punch: Reverse arm-bar (waki-gatame)
  4. Front kick: Inner-rear sweeping throw
  5. Front choke: Circle throw (tomoe nage)
Thanks to Sue for highlighting this clip and more on her blog.

Simply spiffing: what, what!?


Sue C said...

Hi Dan, thanks for the mention!

John W. Zimmer said...

Hey Dan - Great video!