Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A bit about my class ...

I teach a two hour class once a week throughout the year, currently on Wednesday evenings.

We study Jiu-jitsu, incorporating classical Judo.

Who are my students? Young adults, women and men, most studying at the University (some not), recent graduates, some older guys (often with some previous martial arts experience).  They come in most shapes and sizes.

Because of the hands-on nature of the class, and because most of the training is done in pairs, I can only take on so many new students at a time.

Once people have been training with me for 6 to 12 months, I encourage them to pick up an extra class (or two) each week at our Honbu (headquarters).  This can be helpful in accelerating their progress through additional training hours and access to high-level instruction.

You will probably like my class if your priorities include some of
My class may not be for you if you
  • Abhor all violence, even for self-defence
  • Can't abide even a little bit of pain
  • Live to compete
  • Aren't prepared to make mistakes and look foolish occasionally
  • Expect to earn a black belt in 3 years (or less)
  • Are currently training in other martial arts
  • Can only commit to training once a month
Before I let you step on the mat I like to know a bit about you. Come along and watch a class and we can have a bit of a chat. If I think that there's a good chance that you are a fit for my class, you can join us for a try-out session.  If that goes well, then you are welcome to join the club and spend Wednesday evenings being thrown, locked, pinned, strangled, and reciprocating in kind.


Michele said...

I would like your class! :)

Dan Prager said...

Love to have you!

Let me know if you decide to move hemispheres. No snow here, by the way. ;-)

DojoScore said...

Please feel free to add your class to our new martial arts directory.