Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Higher Goals of Judo

This southern Summer, beginning 24 January 2010,  I will be teaching a four-session course, The higher goals of Judo, open to all members of our Federation.  This subject matter will not seem surprising to regular readers of this blog:

The Higher Goals of Judo: Course Aims
  1. Definition and history: To introduce participants to the higher goals of Judo practice, beyond self-defence and competitive skills, and to their historical basis
  2. Dojo / real life connection: To inspire participants to seek to apply what they learn in the dojo in the rest of their lives, and, conversely, to use the opportunities afforded by martial arts training to deliberately further their personal and social development
  3. Practice: To provide a venue in which participants can identify and explore areas ripe for their own personal and social development, in a practical fashion
But wait, there's much more!
Several other Federation instructors will also be presenting four week courses on a variety of aspects of the martial arts.  Other short courses include:
  • Sensei Stephen Cochrane: Combinations & Counters in Judo (starts December 8)
  • Sensei Peter Howell: Weapons of Mass Destruction (starts December 11)
  • Sempai Owen Dransfield: Dedicated Experience in the Art of Judo (starts January 9)
  • Sensei Colin Bachelard: Jiu-jitsu Application of Technique to Survive (starts January 12)
  • Shihan Chris Bailey: The Strategy of Weapons and the Empty Hand (starts February 7)
All recommended: these courses are a great opportunity to examine and train in some in-depth material with a variety of instructors and training partners.

I always look forward to summer training as a chance to learn something different; so I get a break from regular training, without having a break from training!