Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pushing your boundaries

Gregg Mozgala is an inspirational artist. In March 2008 the 31-year old actor performed multiple roles in a well-reviewed production of Romeo and Juliet, working around his significant cerebral palsy.
The company, formerly known as Theater by the Blind, mixes able-bodied actors and actors with disabilities. Mr. Mozgala, who has cerebral palsy, in particular shatters the myth that actors with mobility problems make for static productions, throwing himself around the stage with abandon.
In his latest project Gregg has teamed up with choreographer Tamar Rogoff in an original dance piece, Diagnosis of a Faun. Please read the New York Times article about the project, and be sure to view the embedded video.

Gregg Mozgala in a dance rehearsal

After reading and seeing the video snippet -- and for those in New York, getting along to a performance -- I trust that many people will be inspired.


Andi said...

That video is mind blowingly inspirational!