Thursday, October 08, 2009

Some Judo hand-throws and their Jiu-jitsu relatives

Judo techniques are great training for the body (and mind); in jiu-jitsu the techniques are more directly applicable to self-defence. In judo we start from a standard grip, where both partners hold each other's collar and sleeve (symmetry); in jiu-jitsu we often respond to an attack (asymmetry).

There are similarities too: The underlying gross -- meaning broad, not 'yuck' -- body movements are the same. The jiu-jitsu techniques add more pain by way of additional locks, strikes or strangles.

In class this week we looked at and practiced several of the judo hand-throws, immediately followed by one or more of their jiu-jitsu relatives:
  1. Tai otoshi (Body drop, Judo): Throat Attack & Double-strike turning throw (Jiu-jitsu)
  2. Uki otoshi (Floating drop): Lapel choke takedown & Sleeve pivot throw
  3. Kuki nage (Minor floating throw)
  4. Hiji otoshi (Elbow drop): Defence against a straight-arm choke from the front
  5. Mochiage otoshi (Lifting drop)
  6. Sukui nage (Scooping throw)
  7. Sumi otoshi (Corner drop): A follow-on to the Come-along armbar
  8. Obi otoshi (Belt drop)
  9. Kata ashi dori (Single leg drop): Pressure-point take-down to the lower leg
  10. Ryo ashi dori (Double leg drop)
There are, of course, others.