Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kuzushi with an invisible partner

Before you can hope to successfully throw someone, you need to disrupt their balance and/or alignment. To help develop this skill we practice the "eight movements of kuzushi". This exercise is normally practiced with a partner in the dojo. But once you know the choreography, you can practice it by yourself, at home, as a solo kata. Here I am in my back garden:

Going further: Although judo and jiu-jitsu favor partner work as the preferred mode of practice, it's not difficult to take a throw or technique and practice it alone. In fact, I recommend it.


Andi said...

Do I get DOP credits?

Dan Prager said...

How about camera-wife?

Anonymous said...

Good job. Kuzushi is what make the difference between Martial art and fighting (bully) art.
It is good to see someone who could start to understand a real kata.