Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jiu-jitsu vs Aikido terminology and techniques

Aikido is a 20th-century offshoot of jiu-jitsu, whose core empty-hand techniques are -- unsurprisingly -- drawn from jiu-jitsu.

Since aikido terminology is standardized and widespread, it's useful for me to have a ready reference so that when someone starts talking about a particular technique by its aikido name I can quickly visualize a corresponding jiu-jitsu technique.

So here are some basic aikido techniques and the nearest equivalents in the jiu-jitsu system that I practice.

Ikkyō (aikido): Elbow roll submission (jiu-jitsu), elbow turn-takedown (also jiu-jitsu)
Nikyō: Side wrist throw, wristlock technique, bent elbow wristlock
Sankyō: Wristlock comealong, lifting wrist-flex comealong, corkscrew
Kote gaeshi: Basic wrist throw, metacarpal wrist throw
Shiho nage: Shoulder-lock rear takedown, shoulder-lock comealong
Hiji-jime: Reverse armbar

Each technique comes in many variations and diverse applications. However, in each case the jiu-jitsu and aikido "equivalents" that I have grouped together are all recognizably related, even though the principle versions differ somewhat in execution.