Sunday, February 15, 2009


Last week I had four new people turn up to try out a class, three of whom I allowed on the mat, and one I asked to watch.

With hindsight I should have reversed the ratio.  Two of the guys that came on the mat were clearly interested in a more competition-oriented experience, and I was able to suggest some other classes that would probably suit them better. 

Happily, my class seems to be going through a transition from very small to a thriving smallish group.  I hope that people continue to find my class, but there are limits to how fast I can grow it.

Also, for some -- especially those who want or expect a primarily competitive experience with lots of randori, sparring, or rolling -- my class has little to offer, and this should be just as apparent from watching, as participating.

While in the past I was keen to get numbers up, it seems that I am now experiencing the opposite problem.

So a new policy is needed: Until I have a good chat with a prospective student and determine to let her or him on my mat, my new policy will be to ask that they watch rather than participate.  Especially when a heap of newcomers turn up all at once!


Littlefair said...

Nice move Dan!
In my experience smallish, dedicated groups are pretty good way of being: you get a lot of solid progress and a bunch of people willing to learn!

Good luck!