Monday, December 08, 2008

The Kata of Possibility (December 2008)

Last night my class worked on our (somewhat) original self-defence kata. Members of the class present it later this month as part of a kata competition. Amongst other things, it shows how a particular initial response to an attack can lead into more than one possible continuation. Hence the name: The Kata of Possibility.

Please don't try this at home; self-defence should only be practiced under the supervision of a qualified instructor. I am posting the summary as an aid to help my students memorize the sequence, and for my own future reference.

1aOne-hand outside wrist grabGrab with other handSpin to inside / wristlock comealongCorkscrew
1b""Spin to outside / shoulder-lock takedown variationStrike + kiai
2aAggressive handshakeMiddle knuckle strike to the back of the handForward finger throwFinger-lock
2b""Lever and arm-braceOverhead wrist lever
3aRight palm push to chestAttack arm at elbow (right hand) and wrist (left hand)Comealong forearm hammer-lockSubmission
3b"" (but hands reversed)Armlock comealongSubmission
4aFront choke (arms straight)Raise shoulders / drop chin / strike down with left forearm / up with right forearmComealong forearm hammerlockSubmission
4b""3rd hip throwStrike + kiai
5aArm around shouldersNear hand grabs hand / elbow to ribsWristlock comealongCorkscrew
5b""Lever and arm-braceProjection throw

Here are some images to help make sense of the chart (thanks to Prateek and Sempai Owen):

Attack 1: One-hand outside wrist grab

Response 1: Grab with other hand

Control 1a & 5a: Wristlock comealong

Attack 2: Aggressive handshake

Response 2: Strike the back of the hand

Control 2a: Forward finger throw

Control 2b & 5b: Lever and arm-brace

Finish 2c: Overhead wrist-lever

Attack 3: Right palm push to chest

Response 3a: Hands to elbow and wrist

Control 3a & 4a: Comealong forearm hammer-lock

Response 3b: Hands to elbow and wrist (reversed)

Control 3c: Armlock comealong

Attack 4: Front choke (arms straight)

Attack 5: Arm around shoulder