Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ideas for articles

In no particular order:
  1. What came before? (On respect for masters teachers, and older traditions.)
  2. Favourite martial arts books
  3. Intrinsic motivation
  4. Feldenkrais and his technique
  5. The martial arts begin with trust
  6. Health or Self-Defence (A false dichotomy)
  7. The higher goals of martial arts
  8. The subtle and the spectacular (cool stuff in martial arts)
  9. On the limits of book-learning
  10. Diversification or Unification
  11. Points of Focus
  12. On Ki / Chi
  13. From Skill to Art
  14. Elite selection or elite training?
  15. "Make haste slowly"
  16. Learning a martial art vs conventional education
  17. Super-Efficient Learning in the Chinese Martial Arts
  18. Portable Principles
  19. Getting started in the martial arts
To suggest another topic, or vote for which one I should write next, just leave a comment.


benj langdon said...

I liked the efficient article but most look forward to your take on integrating Feldenkrais.

Thanks, Benj Langdon (Big Sur)

Dan Prager said...

Hi Benj: With a little help from Google I found your massage bio at Esalen, and some of your posts from a few years ago to various Aiki- forums mentioning Feldenkrais technique.

If you email me at we some specifics about what you are interested in I am happy to correspond.

A bit of discussion on the subject might be just the prompt I need to put together an article. ;-)