Sunday, January 07, 2007

5 Things About Me

Tim van Gelder tagged me in a blog-based game / pyramid scheme combining tag, and truth-or-dare. The rules say that once tagged you have to reveal five things about yourself that are not commonly known, and then tag five more people.

Five things that you probably did not know about me:
  1. My brain: Although right-handed, I am not left-brain-hemisphere dominant, but either right-brain-hemisphere or mixed-dominant. I believe that this is the case because I grip a pen like many left-handers, with the pad of my thumb resting on the side of the second joint of my index finger, with a somewhat flexed wrist.
  2. Taboo: I have kissed another man on the lips (on stage, while acting in an improvisational theatre format called Micetro).
  3. Self-treatment: After falling prey to a very rare medical condition, and doing the rounds of specialists to no avail, I used my non-medical scientific training to scan the literature (using via PubMed) and found a mild and effective medicine.
  4. Genetics: Despite neither me nor my partner nor any of our parents or grand-parents having red hair, both of our children are red-heads.
  5. Unheralded author: I have co-written a hilarious -- yet unpublished -- children's book. (Still waiting on our illustrator.)
I tag:
  1. Nigel Thorne
  2. Steve Hayes
  3. Lliam Amor
  4. Kevin Yank
  5. Peter Sbarski
Having once been tagged I now claim future immunity or "barley".